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How to Win a Fight: Self Defense Strategies for the Untrained Woman

02 Nov 2017

You are out and enjoying life with your friends. Nevertheless, some knucklehead is determined to end your fun by trying to hurt you. What can you do?
Here are a few tactics that even someone who is not in great shape or has any special training can employ some simple self-defense:
First, wake up!
Who is watching you?

Look around, is someone giving you a hard look? Alternately, does someone quickly avoid your gaze?
Watch people’s hands as you are walking, do not look away when you pass.
Cross the street if you have to avoid a group of punks.
Do not get too drunk.
Are you in the habit of boasting about your fancy jewelry, motorcycle, or apartment?
Point out the troublemaker to the bartender or door attendant
If the negative vibes get too intense, leave.

Remember, it is always easier to STAY out of trouble than to GET out of trouble!
Second, keep from being hit in a vital area!

You need to be either two arms lengths away from him (outside of his kicking range) or all the way in tight against him (holding him in a boxing clinch). Anything in between puts, you in range for his punches and kicks.
Get your hands up in front of your face to protect yourself.
Keep your teeth clenched. When your mouth is open you are ripe to get you jaw broken.

 Third, use your strongest weapons against his weakest targets!

Use the proverbial knee to the groin in tight clinches.
Smash him with your elbows in the face, throat and neck.
Gouge his eyes out with your fingers or thumbs.


Get a barrier between you and him (even if you have to run around a car).
Yell for help. You cannot count on people coming to your aid, but he might think someone will render assistance.
Use a weapon. Hose him down with your pepper spray. Use a chair like a lion tamer. Throw ashtrays at him.
Make your escape. Lose your ego and your attitude. Retreat and escape. Live to go out and party again next weekend.

Stay Alert…Stay Safe...Stay Alive!

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