A Tank Bag That Has It All

Motorcycle traveling tips. When you need to stay hydrated and keep your maps or directions visible. This tank bag has proven to withstand the storm

Just a little more packing space please

Amazon.com: Nelson-Rigg Commuter Lite Tank Bag Magnetic and Strap Dual Mount : Automotive

This tank bag will be your best friend by the end of a long trip. TRUST ME! It can house anything you want or may need on the go. I cannot go without Chapstick. So instead of digging in to pockets I just unzip the left side and right there it is. I find myself in extreme heat conditions frequently, so I fill up a camel pack bladder with ice and water. Lay the bladder on the bottom and organize my dividers accordingly. On the front of this bag there is a hole just for the nozzle of that bladder to come through, so you can stay hydrated on the go! There have been times that I have been in such a hurry that it has even held cheeseburgers for me so I can keep on truckin.   

On the top of this bag is your map holder or directions slot. Even the rain cover was made with a clear map size window. They have thought of everything!

You can unzip the bottom to give yourself even more room by making this bag deeper. 

It comes with straps that are easy to install on your tank. I have tried them on and opted out. The magnets have been strong enough to withstand the wind and storms that I have been through in my travels. 

Short trips or long trips, you’re going to want this with you.

Safe Travels!!