Heat Riding

Things to look out for and ways to combat them when riding in hot temps.

Heat Riding
Heat Riding
Heat Riding

As Summer approaches, the temperatures rise, and that can cause issues for us out there riding our motorcycles.  Here are some issues you may have with Hot weather and what you can do to combat them.

  1. Dehydration – Losing body fluids needed by the body. This cause weakness, dizziness, sleepiness, chills, loss of motor function and can cause you to pass out.   To combat this, you need to replace the fluids you lose through sweat.  Water and sport drinks are good.  Soda and alcohol are bad.   If you are not peeing at every gas stop you are not taking in enough fluids.   You can use “camel packs” (backpacks full of water that hikers and bicyclist use), you can use hydration vest, they keep your core cool.  You can keep water on the bike that you can get to and drink while going down the road.
  2. Heat exhaustion/stroke – Basically is when you get too hot for too long. Usually you are dehydrated along with this.  Usually causes you to lose motor function and pass out.  You need to stay cool as possible and stay hydrated.  One way to keep cool is the hydration vest, you can also soak a long sleeve t-shirt and put it on.  It will dry as you ride but it will also keep you cool as the wind hits it.  “underarmor” that athletes use also will help keep you cool and keep you from dehydrating.
  3. Sunburn – too much exposure to the sun. – You can prevent this with sunscreen, put it on before you leave, and re-apply every stop. (check dates old sunscreen does not work as well).   You can also ware long sleeve light colored and light weight shirts. 
  4. Heat/sweat – This can be uncomfortable and tiring. If possible, ride early when it is not as hot.  Try to avoid riding in the midday (hottest part of the day).   Ride for a while then stop and rest then ride again in the evening if you can.

Here are some links for more information about riding in the heat: