May 10 Motorcycle Awareness Month

May 10 Motorcycle Awareness Month

Today's tip is that when traveling outside your normal area make sure you research the laws that are in effect for the places you will be.  

And not just the Helmet laws although those are good to know and you can check them out at But you should also look at concealed carry, knife , and rider requirement laws. There are some states that have some different laws than you are used to and even if you are not from that state you are require to follow those laws when riding int that state.  

For example, in Illinois you are required to ware eye protection unless you have a windshield, and you can run neon lighting on your bike (under tank) as long as it is shining down, not strobing/ flashing, and not Red or Blue. 

In Florida you have to have proof of Medical insurance in order to ride without a helmet.  

There are many other laws that may affect you if you are traveling outside your normal area. So, make sure you are prepared before you travel and do your research.   Here is a link to a good site to laws by state.  It is no means all the laws but a good quick reference: