May 23 Motorcycle Awareness Month

May 23 Motorcycle Awareness Month

May Is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Some food for thought to start Motorcycle Safety Awareness month.

By Byron Wilson

Updated: May 6, 2022

There are more riders on the road this season, and the MSF is asking all motorists to be on the lookout.

As part of Motorcycle Safety Awareness month, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is calling on all motorists to be on the lookout for more motorcyclists on the road this season.

According to the MSF, scooter and new motorcycle sales were up 14.2 percent in 2021, marking the second year in a row that sales figures have grown. Since 2019, sales have improved by 21.8 percent. Add to that a 48 percent increase in enrollment in rider training programs in 2021 over 2020 and you have all the fixings for more riders on the road. Many of these riders are likely to be new as well, increasing the need for heightened vigilance across the board.

“These are all indicators that more people will be out riding this year, so it’s the responsibility of all road users to look out for one another,” said MSF RiderCoach Armene Piper, owner of Clutch Motorcycle School in Loveland, Colorado, in an MSF release. “Riding a motorcycle is such a fun way to get around. But a rider’s number one priority should be safety. That means following the rules of the road, wearing safety gear each and every time they ride, and using smart street strategies.”

Higher fuel prices have proven to be a motivating factor for many who have turned to streetbikes as a means of transportation. The Motorcycle Industry Council found that of owners surveyed, 57 percent are using bikes more now that gas prices are higher. Of those, 69 percent will be commuting and taking day trips, while 59 percent indicated that they’ll use their bikes for errands and shopping.

“We encourage drivers to use their turn signals, keep speeds down, and be vigilant when driving, especially when changing lanes,” explained Erik Pritchard, president and CEO of the MSF.

The MSF is also promoting #SeeMotorcycles on various social media platforms where you can share your images, stories, and safety tips.