T-CLOCS - Last Part - Stands

The S in T-CLOCS is for Stands

T-CLOCS - Last Part - Stands
T-CLOCS - Last Part - Stands

Today we come to last part of the in-depth coverage of T-CLOCS.   The S in T-CLOCS stands for Stands.

Some bikes have center stands and some have Side stands.  For both you need to check for cracks or other damage.   You also need to check the springs to make sure they are in place and not wore out. I have seen riders have to use bungee cords to hold the stand up so they could get to someplace to get a new spring.

You should also make sure the bolts holding the stand on are tight.  I know of riders who lost their kickstands on a ride and did not know it until they stopped and it was not there.

You need to check the brackets where the stands attach.  They are usually one of the low points on a motorcycle and can be damaged if they are hit.  Especially when loading or unloading off a trailer or truck.

Some bikes have a safety shut off that on the side stand.  It will shut the engine off if you put the bike in gear with the kickstand down. You should make sure that is in working condition. 

Now we have covered all the parts to T-CLOCS.   If you are not able to ride right now this in-depth check is a good idea so when you get back out on the road you have gone over everything.   But remember you still need to do checks before each ride.   You can do a Quicker version of T-CLOCS or ABCDEFG (AIR, Bars, Controls, Drive, Earth, Fasteners, Guy or Gal) see video below.  The main thing is to do some checks of major areas before jumping on your bike and taking off.  It can not only save you headache, money, and embarrassment but also may save your life.

Be safe everyone!!!