tools you may want to keep on your bike.


As riders we don't ever want to break down but sometimes it can't be helped.  You can have road side assistance throught the dealership, your insurance, AAA, and/or even your credit cards.   Sometimes those assistnance programs will take some time to get to you depending on where you are, and sometimes if you had the right tools with you may have been able to fix the problem or at least get it patched up enought to get you down the road to a shop or dealership to get it fixed.  

Suggested Tools to keep on your bike.    You can get some multitools that will take the place of several tools but they don't always work as well as if you had the actual tool for the job.

  •  Electrical and Duck tape 
  •  Zip ties
  •  Hex & Torx wrenches
  •  Tire pressure gauge
  •   Flat head screwdriver
  •   Philips screwdriver
  •   Pliers & wire cutter
  •   Adjustable wrench
  •   Small flashlight
  •   Jump box (Juno jumper or similar thing)

      Optional Additional Items:

  • Reflective safety vest
  • Road reflectors
  • Work gloves
  • Kickstand pad

If your bike has a know issue that requires changing out a simple part it may not be a bad idea to carry an extra of that part.    Example if your bike keeps blowing fuses or light baulbs you may want to have spares on hand.   I had a bike that the spark plugs would foul out so I carried an extra set on all long trips.