What to do if you break down

Simple rules to remember when you are broke down.

What to do if you break down

Put those hazards on!

It is so important to give this warning to those behind you. You didn’t expect it, why would they?

Exit Strategy
In general, it is better to head for the right shoulder of a limited-access roadway, since it is usually wider, away from the fastest traffic and more accessible for anyone who comes to help.  If there is heavy traffic, however, don't try to cross from the left shoulder to the right one. Wait for help. Of course, if there is an exit handy, try for it. If you have lanes to cross to get to the shoulder you chose, you must react quickly, pick your gaps in traffic immediately, move aggressively and clearly communicate the urgency of your situation to other drivers.

Flee or Repair

Assess – Are you going to need help? Place your helmet down on the ground by your bike. Or tie a bandana on your mirror/handlebars. This will signal folks in passing that you need assistance. If you do this and are waiting for help, please, remove yourself from danger and get away from your bike.   Just in case a motorist hits it.

If you need to walk to get help. It is safest to walk back towards the exit you just passed. This way you will be facing oncoming traffic. Hopefully you were paying attention to how far back the exit was and the amenities that are available.

Do you have the tools to make the repair yourself? You’re lucky!! If you are OK and do not need help, some people will slow to see if you need help even if you do not have your helmet placed on the ground. Give them a thumbs-up sign or an OK symbol so they can continue their way.