First Aid Kits

Suggestions for First Aid Kits on a Motorcycle.

First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits
Motorcycling is not the safest activity we all are aware of this. But you can get hurt off your motorcycle as well, not every injury on your motorcycle travels will require a "Trauma Kit", sometimes you just need a bandaid.  Everyone should carry some sort of First Aid Kit.  There are some small simple ones that have Band-aids and alcohol wipes and then there are very advanced Trauma kits.   You can buy a simple kit and then add things to it to make a better first aid kit.  Not everyone has to have a Trauma kit , espeically if you have no idea how to use the things in it.  Taking a First aid class or there are even motorcycle specific Emergency Response Classes isn't a bad idea if you put on a lot of miles.  
Here is a minimum recommended list of stuff that should be in a kit. 
   Assorted adhesive bandages
 Assorted gauze pads
 Antibacterial spray or ointment
 Gauze rolls
 Non-allergenic tape
 Scissors (Trauma Shears)
Other things that can be very useful:
Sanitary Napkins
gloves - (medical)
CPR Mask
small flashlight
An over the counter First aid kit will work fine and so will putting one together on your own. I have a "Trauma Kit" that I have all the supplies in a Gallon Ziplock bag
Here is the link to some first aid class, you can also contact your local Hospital or Fire Department and they can usually direct you to the correct classes.