Ten Little Motorcycles

A Poem

Ten Little Motorcycles
Ten Little Motorcycles


reprinted from the Wings of Gold M/C newsletter


10 little motorcyclists, cruising down the line, one had a heavy hand, and then there were 9.

Speed limits are set for your safety.


9 little motorcyclists, the hour was getting late, one dozed a moment, and then there were 8.

A tired rider is a dangerous rider.


8 little motorcyclists, and the evening seemed like heaven, one showed his riding skills, and then there were 7.

Ride sensibly and sanely at all times, a motorcycle is no place for a clown.


7 little motorcyclists, their lives were full of kicks, one bought a bottle, and then there were 6.

Gasoline and alcohol are a deadly mix.  Never drink and ride.


6 little motorcyclists, impatient to arrive, one jumped a traffic light, and then there were 5.

Don't gamble years of your life to save a second.


5 little motorcyclists, touring near the shore, one viewed the scenery, and then there were 4.

Careful riding demands alertness at all times.


4 little motorcyclists, happy as can be, one passed upon a hill, and then there were 3.

Never pass another vehicle when your vision is obscured.


3 little motorcyclists, were busy it's true, and one neglected bike repairs, and then there were 2.

For safety's sake, always keep your motorcycle in top condition.


2 little motorcyclists, and the day was nearly done, one didn't dim his lights, and then there was 1.

Slow down at dusk or darkness, adjust your riding to existing conditions.


1 little motorcyclist, is still alive today, by following the safety rules, he hopes to stay that way!