Independance Day - Celebrating our Freedom

Independance Day and Freedom of the United States people

Independance Day - Celebrating our Freedom
Independant Day

Independance Day in the United States of America is a long celebrated day dating back to the 18th century. On July 2nd 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of Independance and on July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independance was adopted.

The Declaration of Independance set out the ideals and principles of a just and fair government. It was the Constitution which set forth the rules by which this fair and just government would function. It was the American Revolution which brought about this independance, the blood and sweat of our people who paved the way to freedom. While we often talk about fireworks and BBQ's for July 4th, we don't often talk about the men and women that paid the price for our freedom almost 250 years ago or the men and women who continue to guarantee that freedom in the years since Independance.
A lot has happened since then and we are now in a world where our rights and freedoms as Americans are not only threatened from outside of our country's borders, but from within.

This July 4th, remember those who have fallen, remember the families who have lost their loved ones. While we enjoy that freedom and the ability to have our backyard BBQ and fireworks, men and women of our country still deployed outside of the US, spend holidays with their military family instead of their wives, mothers, sons and daughters. 

Most importantly, remember that freedom is anything but free. The Declaration of Independance, the Constitution and it's Ammendment Rights may be a document that's older than anyone alive, but it is the basis of who we are as a country. If you've forgotten what your rights are or are just curious, give it a read HERE