May 24 Motorcycle Awareness Month

May 24 Motorcycle Awareness Month

We spend a whole lot of money on our phones, and we take some amazing pictures to document our adventures with our sisters.  Let’s protect our phones and talk about phone mounts on our motorcycles. 

This is something I didn’t really think about until I upgraded to an iPhone13, started to read forums and talked to our sister Brooklyn.  When Apple introduced its closed-loop AF (autofocus) and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), which allows the user to take sharp photos even if you accidentally move the camera, it makes the cameras in the phone more susceptible to vibrations.  Apple recommends that you do not attach your iPhone to motorcycles because the vibration of a bike will damage the camera, Exposure to vibrations, like those generated by high-powered motorcycle engines, might impact iPhone cameras - Apple Support

Don’t worry Samsung users I have not forgotten about you, there are some users of the newer Samsung’s that have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) report the same issue when attaching their camera to their motorcycles.

Yes, there is a solution.  The solution is a phone mount that has a vibration dampener built into the mount.  Personally, I use Quad-Lock.  It came recommended in many forums I have read dealing with this issue.  One thing that I really like about Quad-Lock is as soon as you are attached to the mount, it automatically charges your phone.  Motorcycle - Quad Lock® USA - Official Store (

Please do your research and protect your investment that you have in your phone.