May 6 Motorcycle Awareness Month

May 6 Motorcycle Awareness Month

This is only part of my result from a car not paying attention as they changed into my lane.

I'm a Biker, so please understand a few things...

The two-car lengths I leave between the car in front of me isn't for you to cut me off! Contrary to popular belief, I cannot stop my bike on a dime!

I speed up when in your blind spot, not to race, but so you can see me.

When in the left lane, I ride in the right track (close to the yellow line) and usually 5-10 mph over the speed limit. This way I only have to worry about people on my right side, and I have somewhere to go when you decide to crowd into my lane!

Please put your phone down and stop texting, because the life you save may be mine or yours.

Remember to share the road.

When making a lane change, please use the little space/time imaging devices on your vehicle known as MIRRORS and the blinky things called turn signals

I recommend utilizing them and the neck the good Lord gave you instead of just taking position in the very lane I possess.

Some of us ride with high-beams on at all times, this is so you can see me day or night!

If you think my exhaust pipes are too loud, ask yourself if you saw me first or heard me first?

So please watch out for this Biker and all my Brothers and Sisters during this riding season. We are all someone’s spouse, mother, wife, grandparent, son, daughter, uncle,aunt, sister, brother, niece, nephew, neighbor or best friend. We will all be better off, and we will be alive to come home to our loved ones.

It doesn’t matter who has the right of way because either way, we lose.

Might as well get the word out

Drive safe all my friends and let's all live to see our great grandchildren grow.


But really I hope my loss can save 1 or 2 from being hit for no reason! #Never thought my post would go this far!

By Shawn Selby 9/10/2019