Get in Top Shape for Motorcycle Riding!

Info to help you be in top shape for motorcycle riding!

Get in Top Shape for Motorcycle Riding!

I know many people see “Bikers” as that middle age, fat guy on a Harley.  And there are those people out there but there are many benefits to doing exercises and eating well as a motorcyclist. 

Motorcycles are big heavy machines and not only do you have deal with the machine but also with the elements.  The better your fitness the safer and some suggest relaxing your motorcycle adventures will be.   Something as simple of stretching out your muscles before a ride can make a big difference when your ride is over.   You don’t have to be a body builder but it may be beneficial to your riding if work out regularly. 

Riding season is upon us, and we need to be in shape!

The following are articles and videos on the benefits and some suggested exercises and stretches: